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FX: Asia Steady, Traders Hold Off Bets Ahead of US Inflation Report


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Asia's emerging market currencies largely held steady Tuesday, as traders adopted a cautious approach ahead of US inflation data this wk for clues on the Fed's tapering timeline. 

Stock markets, on the other hand, were a mixed with Indonesian shares
falling 0.8% on concerns over a spike in COVID-19 cases in some parts of
the country, while Malaysian and Philippine shares rose around

Asia-Pacific FX Vs USD

COUNTRY      FX RIC      FX      
Japan                    -0.19    -5.67           -0.19    5.54 

China                    +0.09    +2.15           -0.67    2.95  

India                    -0.05    +0.31           -0.14    12.50 

Indonesia                +0.00    -1.54           -0.81    0.69  

Malaysia                 +0.15    -2.43           0.48     -2.53  

Philippines              -0.08    +0.67           0.68     -4.62  

S.Korea                  -0.12    -2.51           -0.13    13.03  

Singapore                -0.02    -0.18           -0.10    11.57  

Taiwan                   +0.06    +2.84           -0.05    15.91  

Thailand                 -0.03    -3.94           -0.09    11.16

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