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Frutti Dino: A Play-and-Own Gaming Experience

Frutti Dino is a gaming project that offers a range of fun and unique gaming experience for both traditional and blockchain gamers. With its engaging content and interactive games, Frutti Dino is quickly becoming a go-to gaming project for conventional gamers who want to play, experience true ownership and earn simultaneously. Here are some of the standout features of this innovative project, excluding its snack products:

  1. Back to Tamagotchi: Frutti Dino has recently soft-launched Frutti Dino Stories in Singapore and Australia. This minigame is all about nurturing and raising your adorable Frutti Dino babies. The future appearance and skills of your dino baby will depend on how attentive you’ve been as its owner. This game will be available on mobile devices and free for all to play.
  2. Integrate into Web3: Ready for some Frutti fun? Take your fully grown Frutti Dinos on exciting new adventures to the Web3 World! After growing your baby dinos, link your account to their main website and mint the dinos you’ve raised into NFTs. It’s time to show off your skills as a dino nurturer in Frutti Dino’s numerous upcoming games!
  3. Cute Dinosaur Characters: Frutti Dino’s characters are cute and colorful fruit-themed dinosaurs that everyone is sure to love. These fun characters are featured in the brand’s games and help make exploring fun and exciting for both kids and adults.
  4. Engaging Content: Frutti Dino’s content is designed to be fun and engaging for all kinds of gamers, with colorful graphics and interactive features that keep its users interested and motivated to play.

Frutti Dino is a brand that offers a range of fun and unique gaming experiences for everyone, regardless of gender or age. With its engaging content, cute Dino characters and versatile games, Frutti Dino is a great way to bridge traditional gamers to blockchain games. Whether you’re looking for fun games or trying to enter Web3, Frutti Dino has something for everyone.

Global Mobile Launching will be on March, Stay tuned and Be ready to make your own Dinos.

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