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Frog’s Symbolism in History, Stay Pure and Prosper

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In human history Frog symbolism is fertility, transformation, purity, prosperity, and good luck” — Paul Ebeling

In mezzo-America the Kuna People have a legend about a Golden Frog. According to the legend, if you spotted a Golden Frog in the wild, like the 1 pictured above, it meant good luck is coming your way.

Fact: Frogs have inhabited the Earth for 200-M yrs. Scientists e found a 40-M-yr-old frog fossil in Antarctica. Frogs have been subjects in the mythologies and folklore of people around the world for centuries.

In a number of cultures, the frog is a symbol of fertility. In fact, frogs can lay up to 20,000 eggs. Thus, many people associated the frog abundance. In addition, as the frog is a semi-aquatic animal, they are associated with water, a Key life-supporting element.

Growing from a tiny tadpole swimming in the water to a frog who can hop, climb, and croak, the frog demonstrates the capacity for something simple to evolve into something magnificent. After all, the fairy tales say, “If you kiss a frog he may very well turn out to be a Prince“.

When the frog is your spirit animal, you are a person who can see potential where others do not, you can see people’s inner beauty and know what it will take to make it shine outward. You are also the type of person who can look at a struggling business and know how to turn it around and make good things happen.

“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the ocean in a single drop.” — Rumi

The frog symbolizes our own capacity for redemption and renewal. No matter what you have been through in your life, you have the power to heal, to improve, and to become the best version of yourself.

The frog is about potential. Often a new these opportunity may not seem exciting at 1st. But, once you understand it better, you can recognize it for the Golden opportunity that it is and something that will enrich your life.

As the frog is a symbol of fertility, potential, and prosperity, they are naturally symbols of good luck. When all of these qualities are wrapped into 1, you have a winning combination to bring more good fortune into your life.

Good luck means preparation and opportunity align.

The frog spirit reminds us to do everything you can to increase our odds. Prime our thoughts and put ourselves in situations that will increase our odds of achieving your dream. So, when the Golden opportunity comes your way hop on it!

When a frog make itself known to you, whether in real life or through art, the media, or elsewhere pay attention. Your frog serves as a guide, bringing you messages from the Universe to help guide you on your soul’s journey.

Editors Note: I learned about this lore and have had a frog along with me for over 50 yrs.

Have a happy, healthy, prosperous weekend, Keep the Faith, Stay Pure!

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