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Focus, Get in and Stay in the Zone



There are many different terms for ‘The Zone’ and they all come down to a sense of being productive, aligned, immersed in your task or activity.

You will feel like you are pushing to the limit of your creativity, literally stretching your brain capacity and developing a sense of ease in whatever you are doing.  

Flow or Verve means being absorbed in an activity to the point where you lose your sense of time easily reaching optimal performance.

The term “Flow” was coined by researcher Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi in the 1970’s based on his research to help people live in their optimal performance so they could enjoy life.

I learned it early, and call it my Verve and been in it ever since.

Csikszentmihalyi discovered that, when we perform at our highest potential, we use a very small and specific part of our brain that allows us to be laser-focused and gets rid of the sense of being and imposter. Our inner critic is off when fully immersed.

You can learn to transform the way you work so that you can have the impact you want. 

Here are some Keys to get in the Zone that I learned along the way, as follows:

  1. Find something you love to do and do not work
  2. Develop the skills that allow you to do it
  3. Set goals and produce results around them, and never set goals in stone
  4. That thing you love, do it when you feel most productive
  5. Focus: eliminate all distractions, conscious and subconscious
  6. Engage in your activity, socialize, discuss, hone your people experience
  7. Listen, learn, get feed back, move forward
  8. Stretch your capacity, never get stagnant, chill when needed so you do not burnout
  9. Be mindful as you create authority, and eat real food.
  10. Make things happen

It is possible, and it takes practice.  

Het healthy, be healthy, Live lively

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