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“Classic Ferraris are rare, but few can claim the 1-of-1 status of this 1954 375 America”–Paul Ebeling

At the Paris Salon in October 1953, Ferrari introduced 2 new models intended to appeal to clients’ grand touring sensibilities, each positioned for a specific market. The 250 Europa was powered by a diminutive 3-liter version of the race-winning Lampredi competition engine, while the 375 America featured a detuned version of the monstrous 4,542-cubic-centimeter Lampredi from the 375 MM race car. The former car was essentially a brand-new model, 1 that paved the way to the standard production 250 GT that was soon to follow. And, the 375 America was a replacement for the 342 America, and like its predecessor was conceived as a luxurious grand touring version of the Lampredi race car, though in this case the cars were assigned roadgoing odd-numbered chassis numbers.

Just 2 of 10 250 Es were being converted by Ferrari to the 375 America specification, this car is the only Vignale-bodied cabriolet. The car has numbers-matching engine, transmission, and factory hardtop, verified by its in-progress Ferrari Classiche certification.

It’s ownership history includes Bianca Colizzi, daughter of Italian film director Giuseppe Colizzi, and Harry Chambers, future director of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

It was extensively restored in the ’80s, and its current owner had the car refreshed in black livery in the late ’90s. And comes a full Ferrari Classiche report to help the next owner finish the Red Book process.

It will be a auction feature this month at Monterrey, click here.

This is what I know about it, as follows:

  • 1-off example with open alloy coachwork by Vignale
  • The only cabriolet out of just 10 total 375 America examples built
  • One of only 3 big-block cabriolets with 4.5-liter or larger engines built in the 1950s
  • Personally sold by Enzo Ferrari to Rome resident Mrs. Bianca Colizzi, daughter of famous Italian film director Giuseppe Colizzi, in Y 1954
  • Only 4 long-term owners since being imported into the US in Y 1958, this owner has retained the car for the last 25 yrs
  • Matching-numbers engine, gearbox, rear axle, and bodywork
  • Accompanied by rare original factory hard top
  • An incredibly rare and elegant example of the roadgoing 375 GTS
  • In August 1972 the car won 1st in class at the Hollywood Bowl Concours d’Elegance

Chassis No.0353, Engine No.0353, Gearbox No.54, Rear Axle No.58, Documents US Title, To be offered on Saturday, 20 August 2022 by RMSotheby’s

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