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Dubai’s Museum of the Future: An Architectural Marvel


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The Museum of the Future is 1 of the most beautiful museums in the world” — Paul Ebeling

The Museum of the Future in Dubai opened last wk and is being called “the most beautiful building in the world” by UAE vice president Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

After a 2-month delay, the futuristic museum opened its doors on 22nd February 2022. The palindrome day is considered the most exceptional date in over a decade a fitting launch day for a magnificent structure.

Located in Dubai’s Financial District, the structure is just a short walk from the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa skyscraper. The seven-story building is 77 meters tall and covers an area of 30,548 square meters. The whole area is symbolic. The building’s unique oval shape represents humanity; the green mound below represents the earth; the void represents the unknown future.

Designed by architecture firm Killa Design and led by Shaun Killa, the building has already been listed as one of National Geographic’s most beautiful museums. The magazine commended the Museum of the Future to have astonishing architecture craft from refined materials “boosted by technological innovations including 3D modelling and parametric construction”

On its exterior, Arabic calligraphy envelopes the circular building as windows. The calligraphy was a quote from the Dubai ruler, who said: “Innovation is not an intellectual luxury. It is the secret behind the evolution and rejuvenation of nations and peoples.”

The architectural marvel has no internal columns and is supported by a steel structure that was “digitally grown” using parametric tools. The museum was co-constructed alongside engineering consultancy Buro Happold.

The Museum of the Future brands itself as “a beacon of hope” — a home for optimistic imagination and a platform for people to put down their commitment to a more sustainable future. Representing the UAE vice president’s vision, the museum seeks to positively inspire and empower people to shape humanity’s progression.

Through its exhibitions, publications, public events and films, the museum will showcase how current problems can, in turn, provide solutions towards a better world. The Museum of the Future will also mainly promote technological development and innovation, especially in the fields of artificial intelligence and robotics.

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