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Digital Assets: The 1st Inning


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The biggest news for the collectibles segment is that we see the growth of NFTs enabling connections between creators and fans” — Paul Ebeling

The growth and future are not riskless, but investing in and owning digital assets and NFTs are in the 1st inning of a long and very profitable game

While Bitcoin is the de facto leader in all things digital with a market value of about $700-B, we see the digital asset ecosystem as being much more. This includes tokens that act like operating systems and decentralized applications without middlemen. And stablecoins, crypto pegged to fiat currencies as having a significant role, with central bank digital currencies replacing national currencies.

A Key growth driver has been traditional investments by the media players into NFTs. The potential range of media items which could be sold as NFTs as being both extensive and in very early innings.

The rise of NFTs caught many of the legacy digital asset players by surprise. While the market marked $3-B worth of NFT sales in August of 2021 alone, that is against an entirety of just $250-M in Y2020. The driving force was corporate, celebrity and individual demand. The most surprising figure is that the offerings included more than 200,000 participants.

With NFTs often containing data that point to an online version of art or a physical asset and ownership or certain rights, NFTs could also be used instead of deeds, titles or anything else that is needed to demonstrate ownership. NFTs can also do this without a middleman charging a fee.

Our view is that NFTs are evolving with AI and smart contracts being added to the underlying code. These can help generate a perpetual royalty stream for the original creator every time the NFT is sold. 

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The Knightsbridge DAO is the 1st-of-its-kind, a DAO with a Broker, Exchange, Chain, Consultancy, Service Provider, NFT Hub and an extensive and growing portfolio of Tech, DeFi and real world assets. The Knightsbridge DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) as an organization represented by rules encoded as a transparent computer program, controlled by the organization members, and not influenced by a central government.

As the rules are embedded into the code, no managers are needed, thus removing any bureaucracy or hierarchy hurdles. Taking the very best technology from a cross-section of industries to deliver the next step change in decentralization for financial services.

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