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Dealing with the Stress of Trading Crypto


Thailand’s premier Lifestyle Consultant Coach Bee takes a look at how to manage the stress of trading.

From Coach Bee

Crypto, bitcoin, NASA, Candy Crush are all foreign words to me, and I will probably be the last person to ask when it comes to the future of currency. However, I know many people who are very much submerge in these worlds. Candy crush and NASA not included. Most of my clients that I worked with don’t have 9-5 jobs, they don’t have a fixed start and end time, they work tirelessly whenever and wherever they are needed.

They hire me as a personal trainer because they are on a time crunch and they are uninterested in the fitness world, but they know they need exercise and movement to feel good in their body and have long term health longevity.

Trading markets is one of the highest stress environments that has welcomed more and more young graduates into the business and since the Crypto boom, it has even intrigued the younger generation to get involved. We have people as young as 20-something-year-olds who are willing to take up loans and wanting to play with the big boys.

There are ample cases of high income, successful traders managing large amounts of money suffering heart attacks and strokes at a young age of 30-40 years old. Studies have already shown that traders around the world are increasingly suffering from cardio-vascular ailments and poor psychological health, the 24-7-365 Crypto market has dramatically turned up the pressure on traders and will lead to a worsening of the statistics.

The root of the problem is the very nature of trading, trading requires long hours behind the desk and sometimes staying up ungodly hours of the day.

Long hours behind the desk means you are sitting, you are fidgety like you are anxious, and you need to think a lot and sometimes some people pick up smoking to calm their nerves. Which sometimes leads to chain smoking because of the stressful nature of trading and you are beginning to enjoy the high from smoking too.

Solution: your environment is what you create it to be, and I am not just talking about mindset. I am talking about your physical environment. It may sound silly but when you are mentally and emotionally stressed, the last thing you need to be in is a physically stressful environment. For example, the first thing you see when you get off your chair is a messy room, laundry is all over the floor and a stack of bills that is just sitting on the table and you are hungry. The last thing you want to do is to clean up so what do you do? You order another box of pizza because it is easy. But DON’T.

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Coach Bee (Bernice Chen) is a Life Consultant from Singapore residing in Bangkok, Thailand and the favored Personal Trainer/Lifestyle Consultant of many high profile locals. Coach Bee’s specialties include Fitness, Yoga, Strength, Nutrition, Design and Motivation.

Coach Bee creates bespoke agendas and environments for clients (Corporate/Individual) aimed at creating a better mind, body and soul.

Coach Bee has also been competing in a bodybuilding sub-division, Bikini Physique Shows since 2019 and has used her knowledge and experience to inspire her clients off the stage.

Health and fitness is all about balance, and harmony is her specialty.

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