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Davos 2023: Redefining TradFi and DeFi

When decentralized finance meets its conventional counterpart in Davos, the two are increasingly interacting.

Traditional finance refers to the approaches that have been applied over time. It involves financial tactics such as obtaining loans, overdrafts, and opening accounts in traditional banking institutions. Walking into a bank to secure a loan or using a check to receive cash from a bank are examples of conventional financial system.

With the realm of Economic Forum offering more conferences and sessions for the sector in 2023, TradFi continues to investigate the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Injective, a Layer-1 blockchain protocol, has created a $150 million ecosystem fund to assist developers working on the Cosmos network.

Pantera Capital, Kraken Ventures, Jump Crypto, KuCoin Ventures, Delphi Labs, IDG Capital, Gate Labs, and Flow Traders are among the venture capital and Web3 businesses backing the ecosystem group. Injective reports the largest consortium ever assembled in the Cosmos ecosystem.

Based on the research by the Cointelegraph team, Davos 2023 revealed to be an interesting and instructive adventure.

The World Economic Forum’s spiritual home has always been Davos, but in recent years, a number of crypto and blockchain organizations, initiatives, and events have rented space along the principal road that leads to the WEF conference complex.

While crypto enthusiasts mingled with TradFi members and interested visitors from both public and private organizations on the promenade, just a few crypto-related institutions participated in seminars held within the WEF.

Based on the reports, after talking with officials from Circle and Ripple, who provided an inside look at the WEF’s evolving opinion of the sector, as well as the leaders of metaverse platforms The Sandbox and Upland, who discussed the differences both within and beyond the WEF’s gates.

The crypto and blockchain industry appeared to be gaining traction at the WEF, with the number of seminars and debates on the subject growing beginning in May 2022.

Nonetheless, the coexistence of TradFi and DeFi supporters was obvious. At the gatherings Cointelegraph attended and mediated, traditional investment funds, hedge fund managers, and banks all pushed talks about cryptocurrency adoption and custody.

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