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Cryptocurrency is ‘Not a Fad’


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Bitcoin’s (BTCUSD) steady rebound from its Spring lows saw the crypto unit top $50,000 Monday, with the latest move in the wake of PayPal’s announcement that it would let UK-based customers trade in crypto.

Last May when Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s remarks peppered the crypto market, that may have triggered the sell-off that pushed bitcoin to its Y 2021 lows.

PayPal’s decision is a sign that every company will eventually be a crypto company, this trend is just getting started.

Crypto’s not a fad, looking at the secular 10, 20-yr trend, we view crypto as a fundamental enabling component of this new digital world.

The wide adoption of crypto ranges from governments to major corporations legitimizing digital assets.

The world wants crypto to stay as we are seeing its adoption for use in payments, real estate, and art, which are contributing to the rising value of digital assets,

Have a prosperous day, Keep the Faith!

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