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Cryptocurrencies Post 8 Weeks Running of Cash Inflow

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Cryptocurrency products and funds attracted $226.2-M in investments last wk, marking their 8th straight week of inflows, a report from digital asset manager CoinShares showed Tuesday.

Over an eight-week run, total crypto product inflows hit $638-M, with a YTD total of $6.3-B.

Bitcoin led the way with $225-M, for a 4th straight wk of inflows, according to data in the wk ended 8 October.

Bitcoin soared to a 5-month high of just under $58,000 Monday, boosted by persistent institutional demand as it gains legitimacy among investors.

Wednesday, the world’s largest cryptocurrency in terms of market value was last down 3.91% at $54,733.55.

Since a low of $28,600 marked in June, bitcoin has gained about 82% of its value.

Ethereum saw minor outflows totaling $14-M, data showed, as it continues to lose market share to bitcoin.

Other altcoins including GBITS posted inflows of up to $10-M data showed. While other digital tokens, namely polkadot, ripple and lite coin posted outflows.

GBITS is trading at $192.49 close to its all time highs at $208.57.

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