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Crypto: What’s Ahead for Ethereum and Solana As Crypto Markets Bounce

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“One closely tracked crypto strategist outlines what is ahead for leading smart contract platform Ethereum and Solana” — Paul Ebeli

In a new strategy session, pseudonymous analyst Cred declares Ethereum might have printed a tradeable range provided that the bottom at $2,000 holds.

“This might be our range for some time. Support on the weekly at around $2,000. Maybe at this point, resistance will become relevant here at $2,500. Then the top of the range at $3,000. So if this is some sort of interim bottom, we’re dealing with the range we have to trade is between $2,000 [and] $3,000, and $2,500 is the range midpoint…

If stuff continues to bounce, if equities do well etc., the basic target for that would be from support to resistance.”

At time of writing, Ethereum is trading at $1,953.35.

The next coin on the trader’s radar is Solana, which he says is also trading in a big range that provides solid opportunities for market participants.

“If the markets bounce and we see strength and again a usual proviso of equity not shitting the bed, your short-term range in SOL is probably between mid-$40s and closer to $80. This is a pretty big range… My amazing math degree tells me that’s a 2x and 100% gain sort of.”

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