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Crypto: In this Digital Era We are in a Constant ‘Sea of Change’


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“Our mission is to protect and guide others with confidence, compassion, and courage. Thus working together for the common good“–Paul Ebeling

We believe in Freedom!

Freedom to progress to our best when we question the way we live, work, and consume in the world.

Freedom measured in happiness and the positive impact we make on the world around us.

Freedom defined as the ability of every person on earth to have the intellectual and financial freedom to be healthy, to pursue their passion, and to participate in a supportive community.

And that this freedom can be built through dedicated and aligned long-term investment in personal, professional, societal, and governmental growth.

The Fundamentals

Lifestyle: Take chances and be prepared for a new adventure, embracing a more mindful routine and abandoning feelings of fear, revenge, and greed.  

Perception: Reach out to the future and be prepared to see from a new view point. 

Finances: Time and focus are the most valuable, use it to find balance in life and beauty in the world. Thoughtfully plan for success to bloom an enriched life.  A life that targets actions that are good for the world and not just good for the individual.

Work: Energized by the endless possibilities before us work in a way that brings us joy as we grow innovative ideas despite traditional hardened rules and methods of the past.

Surroundings: Nature is Key, as we are all connected; our thoughts, our actions, our energy, our power, and our feelings about ourselves radiate around us, to our communities in a network effect.

Citizenship: Instead of fighting against the system, let us show the way, to open minds and hearts in major new realizations.  The way forward for humanity requires a balance of human feelings and scientific logic.

KnightsbridgeDAO is on Top of this new wave, join us.

Have a happy, healthy, prosperous weekend, Keep the Faith!

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