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Cryptocurrency is everywhere these days. Open your favourite tech or finance website, and it’s there. Watch the news, and it’s there. Speak to your co-workers, friends and family, and it’s there too. However, while such attention is great for the cryptocurrency industry, it inevitably means that obtaining bitcoin and other digital currencies is becoming increasingly expensive.

But as high as the price of bitcoin is becoming, there are still ways to earn free cryptocurrency in 2021.

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There are regular GBITS and other giveaways, if you join the Group AND are a GBITS holder the rewards are tenfold.


While airdrops aren’t as common now as they were a few years ago, they offer a great way to receive new cryptocurrencies for free. Basically, an airdrop is when the developers of a new blockchain platform give away that platform’s native crypto, in order to boost adoption and create a community of users.

It’s hardly guaranteed that a new cryptocurrency you receive will end up becoming valuable, but with such relatively large cryptos as Stellar, NEM and Decred having undergone their own airdrops, a small minority of participants will get lucky.

There are various websites which maintain a database of upcoming airdrops, such as airdrops.io and airdropalert.com. These provide details of each platform planning its own airdrop, so you can find out for yourself whether there’s a good chance of their cryptocurrencies ever becoming valuable.

Exchange Giveaways

Depending on which crypto-currency you hold and where you bought it, you may benefit from being on the receiving end of a promotional giveaway at Knightsbridge.

Knightsbridge regularly holds giveaways of one kind or another, mostly for its native TLC GBITS HOPE REET and other tokens.


A growing number of cryptocurrencies — DeFi — secure their network via a process known as staking. This involves users staking their coins in order to validate transactions, a process for which these same users earn interest for their troubles.

Staking is set to become very big, since Ethereum is going to begin staking later this year. Crypto-exchanges such as Knightsbridge offer staking services for users, so that they don’t have to deal directly with blockchains themselves.

Non-Free Cryptocurrency

There are also a number of other ways to obtain cryptocurrency (besides actually buying it), although it would really be a stretch of the imagination to claim that they’re free.

For instance, Knightsbridge will pay their employees and evangelists in crypto, although obviously this entails numerous hours of work.

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Cryptocurrencies, Decentralized processes and the ever widening impact of Blockchain are going to have a major impact on the way things are done, who does them and who makes the money. Where there were once huge barriers to entry, the door is now open. Individuals can now access income from the type of business once reserved for Institutions, Governments and High Net-Worth Individuals. They can through Blockchain, DeFi and P2P protocols became bankers participating in income from trading, brokerage, settlements, fees, mortgages, finance, margin lending and a host of other financial services.