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Crypto: “Ethereum is set-up for a parabolic rally…

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…and that Bitcoin’s risk-reward ratio looks attractive in here”–Paul Ebeling

The pseudonymous analyst known as TechDev tells his 393,000 Twitter followers that Ethereum is currently mirroring a pattern from late Y 2016 and early Y 2017, where ETH printed Bearish-looking price action before exploding. My work aligns with his.

According to TechDev’s chart, the crypto strategist believes ETH is set for a rally to the $24,000 range, or about a Fibo 780% rally from current prices, as Ethereum’s volume and momentum indicator suggest the end of the correction for the leading smart contract platform.

Looking at Bitcoin, TechDev says the largest crypto asset by market cap is in a Bullish accumulation zone despite uncertain sentiment and price action.

Bitcoin upside asymmetry looks strong. Asymmetry there; Accumulation there; Panic gets you nowhere!

For live price action click here.

Have a prosperous week, Keep the Faith!

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