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Crypto: Decentralized Finance Will Take Over Legacy System


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“We see big potential for DeFi to disrupt the legacy financial system, join us”–Paul Ebeling

DeFi is still as revolutionary as people said it was in Y 2020 and more so.

With the total value locked in decentralized finance protocols ballooning from just under $30-B in Y 2020 to its current $71.59-B, we believe the sector will continue to grow.

We ate Bullish on smart contract platforms Ethereum and Solana because of the anticipation that DeFi will take over the traditional financial system. 

DeFi will be huge. It is going after a $40-T market. That is why we are Bullish on things like Ethereum despite its problems and its delays.

Everything is going to be upset. We just do not know when a tipping point is going to come.

Even if you look at the transaction volumes on things like Ethereum and Solana now, it is staggering, and you can actually use fundamental traditional valuation models to value things like Ethereum and per those, Ethereum is actually undervalued today.

Check today’s price action here.

Have a prosperous week, Keep the Faith!

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