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Crypto: Bitcoin Demand Has Exploded, Investors Regain Risk Appetite


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“Powerful destructive weapons are not needed to win a war. To win you give the enemy a dignified escape and also make it effective and safe” –Paul Ebeling

  • The value of Russia’s Ruble Vs USD is worth less than a cent.
  • The Russian Central Bank raised the interest rates to 20% from 9.5%
  • Bitcoin purchases against the Russian Ruble rose to $1.5-B in 1 day.

“If they block all the funds that are abroad, then the government will have no choice but to seize all the deposits of the population – there are about 60 trillion rubles – in order to get out of the situation” — Nikolai Arefiev, State Duma deputy of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation said.

Thus to save money the citizens have officially begun to turn to crypto. Data shows that over $1.5-B Bitcoin in Rubles pair was traded in just 24 hrs.

The Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine has appealed to every cryptocurrency exchange around the world to block and freeze the addresses of Russian and Belarusian politicians and the citizens of Russia and “sabotage” them.

As the war worsens, problems for Ukrainian and Russian people will increase as their lifestyle gets much more expensive.

Bitcoin is superior to Money!

Have a healthy, prosperous week, Keep the Faith!

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