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COVID-19 Deaths Overreported?

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“There is a huge difference between “of” and “with“– Paul Ebeling

  • COVID-19 deaths may have been overreported, in some cases by as much as 500%, according to a Full Measure investigation
  • In Colorado, homicide-suicide deaths were counted as COVID-19 casualties because they were listed in a database of people who had tested positive for COVID-19 within 28 days of their death
  • Someone who died “with” COVID-19 may be counted as a death among COVID-19 cases, even if the virus had nothing to do with their death
  • In Alameda County, California, when they removed deaths that weren’t directly caused by COVID-19 from their official count, the number of “COVID” deaths dropped by 25%
  • On 1 May 2021, the CDC stopped monitoring most COVID-19 infections among vaccinated people
  • The end result is that there is no way to know how many people have been infected, including among the vaccinated, and how the virus is spreading; it is possible the CDC stopped tracking most COVID-19 cases among the vaccinated in order to obscure just how commonly the vaccines are failing

Dying ‘of’ COVID or ‘With’ COVID

The distinction comes down to working: deaths “among” COVID-19 cases and deaths “due to” COVID-19, or dying “of” COVID or “with” COVID. Someone who died with COVID-19 may be counted as a death among COVID-19 cases, even if the virus had nothing to do with their death.

When a death is said to be “due to” COVID-19, this is intended when COVID-19 caused or significantly contributed to the death.

It is shocking that the CDC does not track death of the people that have died after bein vaccinated.

The inflated numbers hurts a region’s economy that is largely dependent on tourism.

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