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Conservatism is Alive and Well in America

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President Trump made America greater and safer“– Paul Ebeling

The American conservative movement is “alive and well,” despite some of the disagreements that have made headlines in recent months, and in the end, conservatives will all come together and Make America Great Again.

This is a party that has a lot of ideas, a party with a lot of factions,” former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a TV interview Saturday. 

In the interview after his speech at the American Conservative Union’s gathering he said “We know that what’s on the other side, the other folks that are trying to undermine what our values are, our understanding of the Constitution, that’s a greater threat to the United States than any of us are to each other.

He added that he is “very confident” that the party will continue to succeed in the months ahead and he’s counting on a “big run, a good run in 2022” for Republicans. 

There are always “personal differences,” Mr. Pompeo said, but, “you are working on a mission, a set of policies that matter and you find a way to work together. I am very confident that the conservative movement will continue to do that.”

Mr. Pompeo also previewed President Trump’s upcoming CPAC speech for Sunday, saying he has never seen Donald Trump pull punches privately or publicly. 

I am confident he will tell the American people what’s on his mind that thinks he’s thinking and the hopes he has for the future,” said Pompeo. “I hope that he does because the things that we did in my judgment made America safer and more prosperous America first is right. It’s the right approach to governing both domestically and abroad.”

He went on to say, “I think the American people are going to demand that we keep our border security. What happens to these people when they come to the United States is tragic, and we should not lead them down the false path of hope. We should secure our borders.

Also, Mr. Pompeo spoke out about Mr. Biden’s order of airstrikes last wk in Syria and said he was surprised at how quickly the action took place. 

The seats were not warm and they undid 60 or 70 pretty significant foreign policy policies that we had laid down,” said Mr. Pompeo. “I am disheartened to see them moving so quickly to undo policies, but there are always differences.” 

Have a healthy weekend, Keep the Faith!

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