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Code Chain (NASDAQ:CCNC) Buy 10,000 Bitcoin Mining Machines

LONDON, ENGLAND - AUGUST 15: In this photo illustration a visual representation of the digital currency Bitcoin sinks into water on August 15, 2018 in London, England. Most digital currencies including Bitcoin, (BTC) Ethereum, (ETH) Ripple (XRP) and Stella (XLM) have seen a dramatic fall in their prices throughout 2018 amid a 'mass sell-off'. In December 2017 the price of BTC hit $20,000 USD but has since fallen to around $6000 USD. (Photo Illustration by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Code Chain New Continent Limited (the “Company” or “Code Chain”) (NASDAQ:CCNC), a leading eco-technology company, today announced that the Company has entered into a purchase agreement (the “Agreement”) with Chengdu RiZhanYunJisuan Co., Ltd. (the “Seller”) pursuant to which the Company will purchase 10,000 Innosilicon T2T Bitcoin mining machines for approximately RMB 40 million (approximately USD 6.2 million). The closing of the transaction is subject to the completion of final valuation and due diligence by the Company. 

Under the term of the Agreement, a total consideration of RMB 40 million to acquire 10,000 Innosilicon T2T mining machines will be paid on the closing date. Upon the completion, the purchased machines will be stored and managed by the Seller. The daily net profit earned by miners will be deposited into the Company’s digital account. Addition performance bonus in the form of Company’s shares shall be granted to the Seller based on achievement of aggregate average daily net profit of RMB 200,000 during the one year period following the closing date (“Valuation Period”).

David (Weidong) Feng, Co-CEO of the Company, commented, “It is with great excitement to announce the purchase agreement which is a step forward in expanding to cryptocurrency mining business. This quick action illustrates the efficiency of the management team’s execution. The recent tremendous increase of Bitcoin prices presents us with a unique opportunity to establish mining operation to optimize the structure of our offerings in the cryptocurrency industry value chain, as well as to bring the best value to our customers. We believe the partnership with Chengdu RiZhanYunJisuan is a true win-win approach require combined effort and their commitment in achieving Bitcoin mining daily net profit of RMB 200,000. We look forward to closing this transaction soon upon completion of our due diligence process.”

About Code Chain New Continent Limited

Founded in 2009, Code Chain New Continent Limited engages in the research, development, and sale of solid waste recycling systems for the mining and industrial sectors, the wholesale and sale of fuel materials, harbor cargo handling services and production and sales of coating materials in the PRC. It provides end-users in these markets with a clean alternative to traditional waste disposal by significantly reducing solid waste discharge into the environment and enabling such users to extract value from valuable metals and other industrial waste materials. Upon completion of Sichuan Wuge Network Games Co., Ltd. (“Wuge”), the Company has also diversified its business. Wuge was established in 2019 and is still in this early developing stage. Wuge produced electronic tokens that combine the five-W elements (when, where, who, why, what), geographic location via the Beidou satellite system and identity information using Code Chain technology. The electronic tokens are unique, tradable, and inheritable digital assets and cannot be tampered. The electronic tokens are based on and stored in the Code Chain system and can be used to monitor and document all kinds of consumer behaviors that involve code-scanning.

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