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I started making this chicken soup a lot more often especially over the Lockdown, and especially during my first trimester when my appetite was all over the place, feeling nasusous and hungry at the same time is no fun at all.

I am not saying it is magic but especially after my both vaxxx, this broth is magic. I instantly feel a thousand times better.

Chicken soup has all the nutrients from the bones, the herbs and the spices that we don’t necessarily consume on the daily basis.

If you can get the pre-packaged Chinese herbs for making soup, get those. It saves time and money from buying all the different spices. If not; get these spices for the most nourishing, gut-cleansing broth!

Handful of Dates
1 tablespoon of goji berries
2 inches of Ginger
4 pieces of coriander root
Tons of black pepper
1 pieces of Lemongrass
Ends of Celery

Other Ingredients: Whole Chicken Bones
Boil all spices and bones together for 4 hours.

⚠️If you don’t have an instant pot or a pressure cooker or multi-function cooker, boil over stove top until its a full boil before letting it simmer for another few hours. On the stove top, you got to keep a look out to make sure the soup is not over-boiling on too high heat.

Once the broth is done, you’ll need vegetables that are going to make the soup taste even sweeter and detoxifying.🧪

Carrots, Celery, Bak Choy, Corn, 2 pieces of chicken breast, 2 whole garlic, 1 whole onion, chili pedi if you like an extra kick to your soup.

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