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Civil War: Patriots Prepared to Fight Back Against ANTIFA and BLM, Democrats Scream

civil war


There were no winners on Capitol Hill yesterday as Patriots stormed the seat of Government as their calls for an investigation of Voter Fraud were continually ignored.

ANTIFA, BLM and the Democrats raised the temperature of American Politics and it is not about to cool off anytime soon.

ANTIFA and BLM rioted, burned and looted their way across America with the full support of Democrats and the Mainstream Media, but when their actions were met with a toned version by the other side, everyone screamed.

civil war

The people of America are now being dragged down the path to Civil War, legitimate claims are being diluted with Politics and media biased reporting creating 2 Americas.

Worst of all, they each have a valid point, American Policing is too brutal, no one wants fascism, we want questions like Voter Integrity answered, we need both sides of Politics to be held accountable, but it is not happening.

But of the 3 sides only what is referred to as the “Right” are fighting for America.

BLM diverted their funds to support the Democrats as did ANTIFA, instead of attempting to address the issues they were named after they went of on a Socialist tangent that might well change the course of America forever.

The shooting of Black and other color “Suspects” really needs to be dealt with at the highest level, Barack Obama failed to do so when Eric Garner was Murdered, real action must be taken. However, the cause cannot become a call to Socialism, they cannot demand Freedom and fight for a Socialist State.

There is little doubt this is not over, America will have trouble for decades to come Media, Social Media and both sides of Politics will continue to fuel the divide in the name of power and the American citizens will suffer greatly.

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