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China Cuts Taxes, Expect More Growth


China will further cut taxes and fees to boost the vitality of market entities, the country’s top economic planner said Monday.

China will mobilize financial resources to support the real economy, reduce government-imposed transaction costs, and cut labor costs for firms, said a notice released by the National Development and Reform Commission and three other ministries.

The country will also reduce logistics costs, cancel or lower some highway and civil aviation port charges, and improve transport and logistics infrastructure, the notice said.

It added that efforts would be made to improve the capital turnover of firms and ensure timely payments to small and medium-sized enterprises.

China will maintain the continuity and sustainability of macro policies this year to keep the operation of the economy within an appropriate range, according to this year’s government work report.

The country will continue to implement systematic tax cut policies, extend the duration of several temporary policies such as value-added tax relief for small-scale taxpayers, and adopt new policies on structural tax reductions to offset the impact of some policy adjustments, the report said.

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