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Cardano to Launch on BitPoint in Japan


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“Charles Hoskinson by meeting Japan’s tight rules the project, Cardano has unlocked a special status appearing to be regulator-proof”– Paul Ebeling

The world’s 3rd largest digital asset: Cardano (ADA) has complied with stringent regulatory hurdles to launch on BitPoint in Japan.

After a wk of driving to all-time highs, Charles Hoskinson has announced the listing of ADA, he is in compliance Tokyo’s strict crypto licensing regime.

The cryptocurrency will launch for Japanese customers on the country’s most popular exchange BitPoint.

This move comes at an exciting time for the Cardano project, with the public mainnet launch of Alonzo Purple on the horizon posited for 12 September.

The network upgrade will deliver smart contract capabilities to ADA, and marks substantial progress for Mr. Hoskinson‘s long project roadmap.

Investor excitement is driving the recent bullish Cardano price action.

Have a prosperous day, Keep the Faith!

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