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The Memes: MOASS, aka the ‘Mother of All Short Squeezes’, is Near


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Rumors that of the MOASS, aka the ‘Mother of All Short Squeezes’, is near are making the rounds on social media, indicating that support for memes continues” — Paul Ebeling

AMC Entertainment caught a big lift this wk.

The Big Q: Is there a larger run set up?

The Big A: AMC stock ended May on a hot streak and ran higher into June. After topping out near 70, it still had investors wondering if 100 or higher would be next

Is the Short-Squeeze Trade in AMC Entertainment Stock Back On?

AMC added another 2.6% to its share price, trading at 45.33 in a 52-wk range of 1.91 – 72.62. More than 189-M shares have changed hands at press time on the day, way above the daily average of 171.2-M

Have a prosperous day, Keep the Faith!

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