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NFT Giveaway: Biggest Jackpot in Crypto

The Lucky Club

It is Christmas time, the one day of the year we are reminded we are here for something other than ourselves.

Because of this Livetradingnews has partnered up with KXCO and FBX to spread the Christmas cheer by giving away thousands of dollars of lottery NFTs.

The Lucky Club NFT Giveaway is jackpots and prizes to the Crypto community this Christmas until next Christmas.

$150,000 will be redeemed during the next 12 months, first redemption will be on Christmas day.

Giveaways include



Various other tokens being listed on KXCO




and many more surprises

How to participate?

1. ✅ Follow @livetradingnews on twitter,

2. ✅ Join https://t.me/OfficialFBX

3. ✅ Create an account at https://knights.app/auth/signup

Stay tuned to the Twitter and Telegram for regular chances to win an NFT.

If you cannot wait

Mint your own NFTs on The Lucky Club, each could be worth up to $10,000

If you want to roll the dice on the FBX giveaway

Redeem the NFT on KnightsBridge

For further information about this giveaway contact KXCO team at https://t.me/KXCOs

Lastly, Merry Christmas everyone and a happy new year, remember to spread the cheer.

About KXCO

KXCO spans the entire blockchain ecosystem ranging from a unique sophisticated blockchain with unique features (KXCO Armature™), to a Centralised-Decentralised-Exchange (KXCO Exchange) run by expert traders, to our own wallet, Metaverse and other services.

Built by a team of experienced traders, gaming specialists and IT engineers with an entrepreneurial spirit, the KXCO™ was founded in 2017 and built with a mission to create a unique ecosystem for the financial savvy user.

Our operations span across the entire blockchain value chain cantered around our proprietary KXCO™ Blockchain.

We operate on a continuous basis 24/7 with a presence around of the world.

About The Lucky Club

The Lucky Club is the fun destination in the Web3/Metaverse platform being developed by KXCO.

Lottery’s, Bingo, Racing and other Games of Skill with real prizes.

Going beyond the digital we will be incorporating real world sports in to our Metaverse in a seamless fashion. Switch between the virtual and real sports, follow, watch and enjoy the entire sports world.

*  Creating gamified virtual and real world experiences and integrations that engage and reward players

  *    Reinventing sources of revenue for any Sport, big or small

  *    Supporting virtual and in person engagement for sports fans around the world

  *    Loyalty through a shared ownership

  *    Bridging the gap between Sports and Fans


To build a thriving Online/Offline community, we will create sustainable and value-added forms of engagement that incentivize active participation. This will be achieved by creating a crypto-enabled sports that benefits all users, not just a few, by combining the digital and real world we can ensure a diverse and inclusive community of like-minded individuals.

The KXCO Metaverse is 100% wholly owned by KXCO and entirely developed in-house.

In order to ensure full safety and appropriate use of our KXCO Metaverse, the land will not be broken up and sold as digital assets. Occupants will be given access on a partnership and rental basis only.

Our Metaverse environment will contain a Financial District, Shopping District, Gaming District, University Campus, Entertainment District and have plenty of room for expansion.

The KXCO Metaverse is divided evenly across the 5m KXCO Tokens.

KXCO Tokens holders will be enjoying the returns from the KXCO Metaverse as well as voting on development and future projects.

FBX is the ONLY Currency we accept

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