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Beauty Gems: Thailand’s Luxury Brand


True Luxury Brand’s are rare even though many claim the title few live up to the name. Luxury is a step beyond choosing to display our spending power by buying certain products, that is the realm of lesser brands, Luxury is about the product and the experience. Over the last fifty years we have progressed from only the wealthy affording quality brands to them being within the reach of most people and Luxury has taken quality to a new level.

Defining Luxury

1. Craftsmanship

Highest quality materials combined with the highest standards of hand-crafting, artistry impossible to reproduce by machine are the very embodiment of true luxury. This art is what appeals to the connoisseur and sets Beauty Gems apart from other jewelers .

2. A rich heritage

The family-owned Beauty Gems Group is an award-wining gem and jewelry manufacturer that has grown from a small business founded in 1964 to a global firm whose reputation today is second to none. A pioneer in Thailand’s gem and jewelry industry and a member of all major international trade associations, Beauty Gems boasts clients around the globe.

3. An element of scarcity

The pieces speak for themselves, you will not find them everywhere, you will not find them anywhere they are uniquely Beauty Gems.

4. A superlative store experience

Luxury brands have always relied on exclusive and exceptional shopping experiences to create a more intense connection with consumers and leave positive associations and Beauty Gems are one of the few that have mastered the art.

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