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Banneker, Inc. Bani CEO Letter


Message from the CEO

Dear Shareholders

2022 will usher in not only a new year but an all new Bani.

The Banneker Plan

  1. We will reduce the outstanding shares by retiring 20 billion shares of the restricted stock immediately and then another 10 billion by the second quarter of 2022.
  2. Add value to shareholders by expansion of the product line and explore Global markets
  3. Begin a preliminary exploration of what would be required to take Bani to NASDAQ or NYSE and if suitable embark on that course
  4. Explore opportunities of integrating new technology into our product line

With this re-positioning we can align with some major brands worldwide and establish Banneker as a major component in a unique global watch space.

Banneker, Inc., is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of high-quality watches, clocks, jewelry, and ancillary products. Banneker timepieces are inspired by the amazing achievements of Benjamin Banneker who, in 1753, completed construction of the first striking clock in America from parts he hand carved of wood. All Banneker Watches and clocks contain some type of exotic wood as a way to pay tribute to this incredible accomplishment.

All Banneker products are shipped with additional information about the life and legacy of Benjamin Banneker. Banneker, Inc. made the first ever NBA championship watch for the Miami Heat 2006 NBA championship to go with the championship ring. Banneker also created the first-ever urban line of class jewelry for high school and college students which included a class watch (which was invented and created by Banneker), class rings, class earrings and class medallions with real Burl wood on each item.

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