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A Radical New Video Platform : REBL


A Radical New Video Platform : REBL

We just backed a very exciting startup that’s about to disrupt the online video industry. 

The past decade the media has taken a nosedive as huge tech companies are taking over. Algorithms promote divisive content, users get manipulated into rabbit holes and there’s zero transparency.

That’s why it’s so refreshing to see something completely different like REBL (rebl.tv) come to the scene. They’re transparent, crowdfunded and have a decentralized discovery system that puts viewers in charge of the content, not the algorithm. 

There’s no ads, no product placements and no branded content. It’s just a vibrant community of creators and their fans producing thousands of videos in all kinds of genres and styles.

One of their coolest features is a decentralized animation studio, which allows thousands of creators to collaborate from anywhere in the world. This can bring content to a whole new level where it’s still Indie and unique but also high production value. 

Rebl will be funded by a mix of monthly subscriptions, direct fan support and crowdfunded productions. They’re even planning a trading platform for video shares where viewers can make money by investing in their favorite content.

Rebl is launching a Kickstarter in a couple weeks where they offer exclusive lifetime subscriptions and other great perks. They currently have a $1 pre-launch campaign on Rebl.tv with ridiculously good deals. 

So check it out and let’s help them make this happen together. We already got ours!

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