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A Night of Alchemical Healing

by Ivy Heffernan

From Kare Torres

Gratitude is the frequency that alchemizes lack. You might call gratitude abundance frequency. Where do you lack abundance? And … the answer to that question is nowhere. We live in a universe of infinite supply in which to create and make all of our soul aligned dreams a reality. The inclusion of the words soul aligned is significant in this equation. Your soul evolves through experiences. Your soul calls to you via the quantum field those experiences that best support your growth and evolution. Gratitude for the teachings as well as the healing that is available is the key to manifestation. As you claim your worth and remain in gratitude for all of your experiences, you lift your life to a higher frequency. As your body and the field in which it expresses lifts into a higher vibratory accord, your body, your relationships and your work transform and recalibrate to accommodate this transformation. Gratitude is a powerful key to this vibratory process.

A Night of Alchemical Healing (also called NOAH) is a group healing event that happens every other Monday night live online through LiveStorm. Beginning at 7pm EST, you will experience the healing first hand when your soul and your 4 etheric bodies receive all of the energetic information, crystalline constructs, crystal activations, crystalline designs, chakra and light body replacement as needed, clearing of karma and agreements, and all of the Angelic transmissions and downloads. Individual as well as group intentions for the evening are addressed. In addition, there will be an energetic landscape for you to experience and in which to gather gifts for all four etheric bodies.

Note: NOAH can now be watched live from anywhere in the world with an internet connection through LiveStorm. It will not be recorded and stored but all the designs, crystal activations, upgrades, healing and gifts are available for every participant in our healing circle whether you are watching the event or enjoying remote participation. I will post a summary of the event detailing more of the healing and gifts of the evening afterwards.

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What NOAH Attendees Have Said

Profound healings were taking place

I remember my first NOAH – I wondered what Kare was doing, talking about and why, exactly, I was there. And then week after week, month after month I kept showing up. Sometimes I would laugh, sometimes I would cry, many times I did both. 

The awareness of the profound healings that were taking place for myself and others. Growing in my awareness of who I Am. “Watching” as I showed up differently in the world. Anger, judgment and fear releasing its grip on me as the low frequencies were alchemized. 

Fast forward 3 years to now. A life with a new Knowing of myself as one with all that is. A greater appreciation of my fellows and for the teachings that show up to illumine the way and to, perhaps, show me where I still have work to do. 

Each NOAH, class and private session is filled with LOVE and are truly “judgment free.” Kare embodies all of that in each moment of her life. She is an amazing teacher and example of One Love.  Love and Gratitude always to @KarenTorres.
~ Joan Bowers

Powerful in ways for which I had no words.

I first met Kare Torres at NOAH in February 2017. When I was introduced to her I felt a recognition that I had known her all of my life. When the night began, I heard words like energy, Source-Creator-God, low frequencies, high frequencies, karma clearing, etc. As she worked on the guests in the healing circle, I heard her sing and make vowel sounds in song that I had never heard before. She sang words of colors, numbers and geometrics which I would learn later that these keycodes contained healing alchemy. I quickly realized this was powerful in ways for which I had no words. People felt immense gratitude, and while the person in the body may not have understood any of it, it was clear that their soul did, and my soul did for sure.

That evening, myself and a couple others were asked to come into the middle of the circle. I stood there not knowing once again what to expect and admittedly a little nervous. Kare put her hand gently on my shoulder and I instantly felt a surge of electricity run down my arm. She was healing a previous lifetime of abuse and low frequencies.

Since then, NOAH has transitioned to a remote format and it’s still immensely powerful in the healing that takes place. I ‘tune’ in most of the time to have the beautiful experience of remote healing. As an artist and musician, I have also used this time to create, and what has become of those creations is simply extraordinary. Because of my work with Kare, through NOAH and additional classes, I am able to clear my channels to access my soul’s information, heal myself and others, and feel the loving energy actively as the healing takes place. NOAH has contributed to my knowing as well as the other ‘clairs’ that are always available to everyone.

I am ever grateful to Kare for the healing work since that first Night of Alchemical Healing. My life has changed immeasurably and in many beautiful ways. Thank God for NOAH!
~ Robin Arrigo

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I’ve witnessed designs at NOAH … designed to tickle your senses

Many of you have asked me in the past to share what I see. As a clairvoyant, truth is, I don’t see everything. But, I do see what my soul knows is important for me to see —what will support my journey and sometimes what will support a powerful teaching.

Some of the magic I witness shows up in the day to day healing work I do. My soul takes me to witness some of the most beautiful “gifts” in the body. Where do these gifts come from? So many are gifts that were designed specifically for that soul at NOAH or during class, MYI, EA or AA. In healings, my soul will share with me for the specific purpose of sharing with my clients or class members, to which they’ll say “that’s exactly what we were told was gifted our last class!”

So what do they look like? Like snowflakes, no two are alike. Most gifts are composed of multiple crystals and high frequencies. I’ve seen gifts for the pituitary gland where crystals are standing on their axis spinning, running frequencies along with mathematical equations (that I’ve only recently been able to see) and/or geometric shapes. These frequencies pulsate into the gland feeding it new information.

I’ve seen and experienced new designs that were gifted to people (including myself) that have taken my meditation experience to a completely new level. Designs that make my connection instantaneous, and keep my link to the “other side” very clear. Those who surrender to the experience are able to connect to a space very deep within themselves. I say so, because that was my experience and continues to be as I reach new levels within my journey.

I’ve witnessed designs at NOAH that are full complete structures emitting waves of high frequencies designed to tickle your every senses. Again, each uniquely designed.

I’ve seen waterfalls filled with liquid crystals flowing within a structure. Witnessed those who could feel energy, enjoy a moment of water splashing.

I’ve seen trees filled with ruby-colored apple crystals, waiting to be picked, and the souls of the many participants enjoying this energy directly into their mouths.

I’ve opened cupboards filled with laughing star dust that exploded in my face. Launching me into a blissful moment of deep belly laughter.

I’ve seen classmates discovering chests full of personal gifts that connect them into a space deep within their heart center.

I’ve had my legs “taken out” from under me, only to be shocked with my inability to overpower the energy that was keeping me low to the ground. This was intentional for me to discover a space of surrender and release that freed me from the need to micromanage and control.

The people who are grouped together in these experiences (at NOAH) have a common denominator. Perhaps, fear of not being enough, or unworthy of love, or not safe to be powerful … When we allow and surrender to the experience, the design becomes a space profoundly powerful as it alchemizes the low frequency and shows us who we are by gifting us. The gifts are ours to keep eternally. A space available to us to revisit anytime we wish to.

So you see, these designs are not just hands being waved in the air. These are Melchizedek creations placed in the quantum field. Filled with immense power. They each have a purpose, to continue supporting your journey.

My training with Karen Torres has supported my growth completely. As my journey has evolved, my frequency has expanded and so has my ability to see. First with NOAH (ongoing healings open to everyone) then Mastery of Your Information followed by Energetic Architecture, and Advanced Architecture. These classes have brought me more clarity and understanding of what is being presented to me. Next month, I will begin Advanced Alchemy and I am just so happy to be on this magical journey! The same journey that is available to anyone and everyone, because we all have this ability and more!
~ Nicole Naum

And there are more …

“I feel brand new. Just what I needed, a night at a magical healing spa. Like, for real, just what the doctor ordered. Thank you so much.”

“Today so much was coming up to the surface. So it makes perfect sense after reading how the night went! Thank you Karen and Source, as always!”

“I’m in awe of tonight…attended remotely as I needed my own spa night at home with my boys— brought suitcases of stuff and low frequencies ready to unload and source took it all…released big tears but felt so solid as it all released because love is the only truth. Feel so clear, so powerful, so ready to create with even more power… I am word. I am a powerful creator and manifestor. As is all. Grateful to you, Kare, team and all who attended.”

“Was dancing, creating, so much joy … fun!! Thank you!”

“I’m in such gratitude for last night, you, Kare, and your healing team. I’m also feeling deep reverence and love for EVERYONE and everything.”

“Last night was my third NOAH in person although I’ve been attending remotely since about last December. As my channels open more and I continue to receive healings I’m able to feel the power, love, gifts and downloads so intensely. It was pure magic.

“I’ve set my intentions for this powerful trinity and full moon. Thanks for reminding all of us that we are ALL powerful manifestors and creators! Thank you!!”

“It was such a powerful night!!! WOW-can’t even describe how I feel right now!”

“Last night was incredible! The group was fantastic and had amazing synergy! Thank you Karen Torres for reminding me what is most important and what is true- LOVE and JOY.”

“Is it a coincidence that my hair feels super soft and manageable, and my skin is glowing? Not after NOAH spa night! To have crystals dropping into my hair and skin was magical but add the gifts to the throat, brain and spine is over the top!!”

“Thanks, Kare and your team, as always, I cannot express enough for the magical healings we receive on these nights.”

“I am light drunk right now! Wowww! That was a powerful remote! I love that each session I can really feel it more and more. Thank you, Karen, Source, and healing team!!”

“Wow. This is beautiful. I have spent almost 2 weeks releasing low frequencies mimicking a ‘cold’ and tonight I now have so much energy! In the beginning I felt almost like a weight lift off my chest and solar plexus. I could feel energy moving around my solar plexus and heart as well. There were many times I felt light headed or flowy. At one point I was coughing out if no where. (I have been coughing for the past several days but this was just so random. Like I was releasing something)
I was seeing flashing lights periodically too 
I laughed so much throughout the night.
I feel energetically cleared, so much better than I have in days and so much energy!  thank you so so much!!!!!!!”

“I feel the downloads as lighter feeling in my head .. and body and a feel very knowing. Although i feel a little drunk i look forward to reading what you write and i see the vision as i read it as if i were there and those same feeling i had early happen again i see and feel it all again more real .. heart beats fast and i feel the upgrades in that same knowing. I’m trusting it all and it feels really good .. i reread it to ground it in me i am starting to feel my soul’s presence and i am feeling safer in it .. in this. I thank you and your team xoxo. “

“Absolutely beautiful night! Although I can’t express as much detail as the others, I can say that I was utterly exhausted after…went to bed and fell asleep almost immediately (which very rarely occurs)….woke up around 3:30am (alarm was set for 6:30a) ready to take on the world….feeling so free and happy and motivated. As always…THANK YOU Karen, healing team and Source  I knew I had ALOT of low frequencies we were planning on healing this week and knew that I needed this one more than ever….I was not disappointed. Always a great healing session with NOAH remotely.”

“Thank you so much, today was so good. Blinding light all day. Much gratitude to you and all participants.”

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