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A Most Romantic Hotel in Italy


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“Across Italy there are lots of romantic hotels, I like the Amalfi Coast and the cave hotels built into the rocks”–Paul Ebeling

Le Sirenuse


John Steinbeck described Le Sirenuse as ‘an old family house converted into a first-class hotel’ when he stayed here in the 1950s, and it is still the height of low-key sophistication. This in no small part thanks to second-generation owner Antonio Sersale, who runs the place with effortless grace and humor.

The Pompeii-style red and white building in the centre of this pretty town has 58 bedrooms, most with sea-facing balconies, and one of the prettiest restaurants in Italy.

La Sponda’s white walls crawl with vines and through the window are views of Positano’s yellow majolica mosaic cathedral dome. Read the full review of Le Sirenuse.

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