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A Compelling Look into the Future


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In this compelling tale, you get a dystopian walk-through of a future that, like many of the aspects of George Orwell’s “1984,” could very likely come true if no one does anything to stop them.

When unquestioning compliance is the rule rather than the exception, independence and freedom are redefined. Dictionaries are rewritten so that certain words mean the opposite of what they once did.

Sickness is health; drugs are medicine; artificial foods are natural, and anything else is a lie punishable by death dictated by a Minister of Truth.

It is all here, in this Story, plainly fiction, except it is so very close to the plain truth.

War is Peace: that is what Mr. Orwell said, and that is what this tale warns of, that people are being taught peaceful compliance right now, today, en masse, as the elitists of the Great Reset work to convince people that a united front against anyone not willing to give up their freedom is the only way to achieve true peace.

And that leads to the 2nd tenet of Mr. Orwell’s book: Freedom is slavery. How free it is to be part of the collective, submissive masses and to join them in their ignorance, rather than to fight to stay free and independent!

Now, in a world like this, where the masses do not question, do not fight and do not seem to mind being compliant as their rights and freedoms are taken away, it is the rebels who are stalked and eliminated, a perfect example of how ignorance becomes strength.

This short narrative is worth the read, do it while it is still fiction, and take heed of its veiled warnings while you still have the power to fight.

It begins: The vaccine was a resounding success. Yes, there had been a final death rate of 10% among the vaccinated, but this was mostly among the elderly or the already ill, so it was probably not the vaccine’s fault, and if it was, no one could prove it one way or another, and even if they could, well, the vaccine manufacturers were not liable to lawsuits due to the agreements they had made with the various governments.

Have a healthy, happy holiday weekend, Keep the Faith!

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