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Toyota Launches All-New Prius HEV in Japan

by S. Jack Heffernan Ph.D


Toyota Launches All-New Prius HEV in Japan
Stylish design, sporty driving performance, and greater fuel efficiency combine to create a car customers will enjoy and cherish for generations to come

Toyota City, Japan, Jan 10, 2023 – (JCN Newswire) – Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) announces today that it has commenced sales of all-new Prius Series Parallel Hybrid (HEV) models. It will also launch Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) models around March this year.

Launched in 1997 as the world’s first mass-produced hybrid car, the Prius has driven uptake of HEVs as a new-generation eco-car with outstanding fuel efficiency. These days, hybrid technologies are employed in a wide range of different models that are loved and enjoyed by people all around the world.

With a range of powertrain options being developed to promote carbon neutrality, Toyota wanted to create a new Prius HEV that customers would enjoy and cherish as the car of choice for generations to come. Developed under the “Hybrid Reborn” concept, this new model is an exhilarating package that adds a design inspiring love at first sight and captivating driving performance to its core strength as an environmentally friendly car.

The main features of the new Prius are as follows.

Vehicle outline
A design inspiring love at first sight
– Inheriting the signature monoform silhouette of the original Prius, the new Prius has been reborn with a lower center of gravity and even more stylish proportions. The simple yet sculpted body expresses exhilaration that appeals to the senses and a universal beauty that will remain popular into the future.
– The “island architecture” concept achieves a low-stress, spacious interior with a cockpit that makes it easy to concentrate on driving. Altogether, the interior offers intuitive operation and an enjoyable driving experience.
– A total of eight body colors are available, including two newly developed, solid base colors of Ash and Mustard that create a sporty impression, bringing touches of color to the daily lives of customers to create a stronger sense of attachment.

Captivating driving performance
– The new Prius is equipped with the latest fifth-generation hybrid system in both the 2.0-liter and 1.8-liter models.
– Compared to the previous model*1, the 2.0-liter Prius (Z and G grades) achieves improved fuel efficiency of 28.6 km/L*2 and maximum system output of 144 kW (196 PS), which is 1.6 times higher than the previous model*1. This model achieves a high level of balance between the outstanding environmental performance of a Prius and the captivating driving performance of a car that reacts as expected with satisfying acceleration and responsive driving.
– With a long list of improvements, including updates to all electric modules, the 1.8-liter Prius (U and X grades) achieves great fuel efficiency of 32.6 km/L(3). The refined driving performance and seamless acceleration of a hybrid provide feelings of agility when starting off and the responsiveness of direct driving power.
– The second-generation TNGA platform was developed as part of continuing improvement of the matured TNGA platform to achieve the exhilarating styling and driving performance of the new Prius, allowing for a lower center of gravity and large-diameter tires.
– This version comes with the latest E-Four system. Employing a high-output motor and other features, it offers improved uphill performance on low-friction road surfaces, like snow-covered roads, and greater stability when turning.

Advanced Safety and Driving Support Systems
Toyota Safety Sense, the latest active safety package, is a standard inclusion. Including the Advanced Safety System with an expanded range of detectable objects, the new Prius also comes with the following added features.

– Rear vehicle proximity notification [first for a Toyota brand vehicle(4)]
Using the Blind Spot Monitor’s rear millimeter-wave radar, this feature detects vehicles in the rear and, if another vehicle is approaching, it alerts the driver via the Multi-Information Display and buzzer.

– Approaching vehicle proximity support (recording function and vehicle reporting suggestions) [first for a Toyota brand vehicle(4)]
If a vehicle approaching from the rear is too close, this system offers the driver suggestions for dealing with the issue, including contacting the police or the HELPNET emergency call service. In vehicles equipped with a drive recorder, in addition to automatically recording the event, the system stores the data in a dedicated area that makes it difficult to record over.

– Secondary Collision Brake (rear impact mitigation when stopped) [first for a Toyota brand vehicle(4)]
Using the Blind Spot Monitor’s rear millimeter-wave radar, this system detects vehicles in the rear and, if it determines a very high possibility of a collision while the vehicle is stopped, it applies the brakes to reduce speed if a rear collision occurs. Compared to the previous model, this system enables an earlier reduction in speed by applying the brakes prior to a collision.

KINTO Unlimited: New car subscription service launched

– The new “KINTO Unlimited” car subscription offered by Toyota and KINTO opened for subscribers on January 10. To start, the new Prius U grade will be available on this service, which will be the only service offering it.
– KINTO is a subscription service(5) which includes insurance, tax and other costs combined into a monthly subscription charge. Using new Toyota technologies, KINTO Unlimited will be provided with two additional values in the form of upgrades that ensure evolution of the vehicle’s software and hardware and connected services that ensure protection of cars and people using the customer’s driving data. These additional values will help maintain the value of the car, which is considered in advance to reduce the monthly subscription charge to start at 16,610 yen per month (including tax)(6).
– The Prius Z and G grades will be available on the usual KINTO subscription service.
– More information on KINTO Unlimited and KINTO’s other services is available here (https://kinto-jp.com/lp/prius/).

Base sales volume for Japan
4,300 units per month

Production Plant
Tsutsumi Plant, Toyota Motor Corporation

(1) Comparison with previous model Prius A Touring Selection (1.8-liter HEV 2WD with 17-inch tires), which achieved WLTC mode fuel efficiency of 27.2 km/L.
(2) 28.6 km/L is the WLTC mode fuel efficiency for the Z grade (2.0-liter HEV 2WD with 19-inch tires), as evaluated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
(3) 32.6 km/L is the WLTC mode fuel efficiency for the U grade (1.8-liter HEV 2WD with 17-inch tires), as evaluated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
(4) As of January 2023. According to Toyota research.
(5) A service that packages automobile insurance, automobile taxes, periodic maintenance, repair expenses, registration expenses and taxes, mandatory inspection fees (in cases of the five- and seven-year plans), and other costs for a fixed monthly fee.
(6) When selecting the cheapest U grade package (2WD with standard interior specifications), with no additional options, when using the seven-year lease plan with no initial payment and added bonus payments of 165,000 yen (including tax). The total price paid over the seven-year subscription period is 3,705,240 yen (including tax).




カーボンニュートラルに向けて様々なパワートレーンが生まれる中で、HEVであるプリウスがこれからの時代もお客様に選んでいただける愛車であり続けるために、新型は「Hybrid Reborn」をコンセプトに、従来の強みである高い環境性能に加え、「一目惚れするデザイン」と「虜にさせる走り」を兼ね備えたエモーショナルなクルマを目指して開発を行いました。



– プリウス独自のアイコンである「モノフォルムシルエット」を引き継ぎながら、より低重心かつスタイリッシュなプロポーションに生まれ変わりました。シンプルでありながら抑揚のあるボディ造形は、長く愛されるための「感性に響くエモーション」と「普遍的な美しさ」を表現しました。
– 「アイランドアーキテクチャー」コンセプトにより、圧迫感のない広々とした空間と運転に集中しやすいコックピットを両立。直感的に操作ができ、ドライビングを楽しめる室内空間としました。
– ボディカラーは全8色を設定。うち2色は、スポーティな印象を与えるソリッドカラーベースの「アッシュ」と「マスタード」を新規に開発し、お客様の毎日を彩り、より愛着を感じていただけるカラーをご用意しました。

– 2.0Lモデル/1.8Lモデルとも、最新の「第5世代ハイブリッドシステム」を搭載しています。
– 2.0Lモデル(Zグレード・Gグレード)は、従来型*1を上回る低燃費(28.6km/L*2)を達成しつつ、システム最高出力は従来型比1.6倍*1となる144kW(196PS)を実現。プリウスならではの高い環境性能と、胸のすくような加速感やドライバーの思い通りに反応するレスポンスの良さで乗った人を「虜にさせる走り」を高次元で両立しました。
– 1.8Lモデル(Uグレード・Xグレード)は、改良を重ねつつ、全ての電動モジュールを刷新したことで、32.6km/L*3の低燃費を達成。走りにも磨きをかけ、ハイブリッドならではのシームレスな加速に加え、軽やかな出足とダイレクトな駆動力レスポンスを感じていただけます。
– 熟成を重ねたTNGAプラットフォームをベースに、新型プリウスのエモーショナルなデザイン・走りを実現するための改良を施した第2世代TNGAプラットフォームを開発し、低重心化や大径タイヤの採用を実現しました。
– 最新のE-Fourを設定。高出力モーターの採用などにより、雪道をはじめとする低μ路での登坂性能や旋回時の安定性がさらに向上しています。

– 最新の予防安全パッケージ「トヨタセーフティセンス」を標準装備しています。また、先進安全システムの検知対象を拡大するなど、以下の機能を追加しました。
— 後方車両接近告知トヨタブランド初採用*4
— 周辺車両接近時サポート(録画機能・通報提案機能)トヨタブランド初採用*4
— セカンダリーコリジョンブレーキ(停車中後突対応)トヨタブランド初採用*4

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