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1st March is a Key Date for the VirusCasedemic

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The VirusCasedemic narrative has undergone a number of U-turns recently”— Paul Ebeling

9 January 2022, CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky sent out a tweet saying “We must protect people with comorbidities from severe COVID-19,” in other words, focused protection, which is what tens of thousands of doctors have been calling for since the creation of The Great Barrington Declaration in early October 2020

10 January 2022, Walensky admitted that the COVID shots cannot prevent transmission

The CDC is now saying you should not retest once you’ve recovered from COVID, as the PCR can provide false positives for up to 12 wks after the infection has been resolved. They are also cutting the isolation requirement from 10 to 5 days because the failing economy is hurting Mr. Biden’s approval rating so they need people to work

The narrative is also changing on what makes for a COVID case and how deaths are counted. Dr. Walensky has admitted about 40% of “COVID patients” tested positive but do not have symptoms and are hospitalized for something else. She has also promised to deliver data on how many people have actually died “from” COVID and how many died “with” it

Dr. Ron Paul nots in the 10 January 2022, Liberty Report that US authorities have suddenly started to change their tune with regard to COVID and the COVID shots.

“The opposition to our position are starting to wake up,” Paul says, as some shreds of truth are actually starting to be acknowledged. The good news, Dr. Paul says, is that “Maybe some of the things they’ve been saying are not quite accurate, and maybe what we’ve been saying is closer to the truth, and maybe they’re starting to recognize that.”

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