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World’s First-Ever Bitcoin AR-15

First Bitcoin AR-15 (Actual Rifle Released on July 4th).

Military.Finance is breaking new ground by releasing the first-ever Bitcoin AR-15. The AR-15 has become one of the most popular semi-automatic rifles and is known as “America’s Rifle.”

“The AR-15 was selected because it’s well known, and it really symbolizes the fight veterans face every day in battle, and when coming home,” says Brad Dahl, founder of Military.Finance. “We wanted a symbol that represented our cause, and it’s simply an awesome gun.”

The unique rifle will have a locked digital wallet embedded directly on it that includes a full Bitcoin, currently valued at $40,7013 USD. “We’re hoping the fact that it’s the world’s first of its kind will increase interest and the value during the auction,” says Dahl. “With all proceeds going directly to veterans, having this one-of-a-kind trophy to display would be impressive.”

Several well-known veterans and celebrities are already involved with the AR-15 auction and are excited about supporting Military.Finance’s mission…to become the biggest contributor to the veteran community in history.

Military.Finance has already backed its mission by donating $20,000 to Major Ed Pulido at the Heart of a Lion Foundation on June 2, just 21 days after the token was developed. “These guys are the real deal,” stated Major Ed. “We have an opportunity to change a lot of lives.”

For your chance to bid on the world’s first Bitcoin AR-15, be sure to visit www.military.finance or follow Military.Finance on all of their social media outlets, as those are updated regularly. Details regarding the auction will be released soon.

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