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Women of the Metaverse Introduce First “Bored Ape” NFTs Collection

First Ape Wives Club NFT Collection celebrates Powerhouse Women throughout History and benefits women-led organizations

In partnership with Dapper Labs, the NFT Collection celebrates Powerhouse Women throughout History and benefits women-led organizations

We saw an cool “Bored Ape” club for while, wonder if there a female version of lady bored monkey at someway. Now, for the first of it kind to bring an new waves of female NFT’s. starting with pretty basic things, an Apes.

Agency Enterprise, a leading product and venture studio driven by world-class developers, data scientists, and designers, has teamed up with Women of the Metaverse (WOTM) and Dapper Labs to officially launch the NFT collection First Ape Wives Club (FAWC).

FAWC, founded by Amanda Archer and Farah Selena, will release an NFT PFP collection of 11,111 unique, rare beauties—an homage to powerhouse women who have shaped the course of modern history. The collection includes a giveback of 5% of the company treasury that will benefit women-led organizations that support female representation and creators.

“We started Women of the Metaverse to make the metaverse more female,” said Amanda Archer, Founder of WOTM. “And these gorgeous Apes — and our awesome creators — will keep building and keep supporting women. We’re so proud to have Agency Enterprise as a partner and build on the Flow blockchain. This collaboration sets the stage for an ecosystem of female creators on Flow.”

FAWC represents modern day pop culture with neon colors, cheeky expressions and detailed jewels of historical lore. Each of the 11,111 FAWC NFT tokens will be stored as ERC721 tokens, so each one will have unique identities based upon hand-drawn traits by FAWC Artist-in-residence Javeria “Jerry” Shah. FAWC’s roadmap also includes development of television and film extensions through a partnership with Fandomodo Films, an upcoming game, an exclusive line of jewelry from Phia Broadus, a custom line of cosmetics, exclusive events, and merchandise in both the Metaverse and real world.

The FAWC collection will drop on the recently launched Token Runners NFT marketplace, a new Agency Enterprise skunkworks company. Token Runners is a white fully customizable NFT marketplace that is both chain agnostic and endlessly scalable. Agency Enterprise has selected the Flow blockchain for its first NFT drop because it was designed to create more secure, frictionless and environmentally-friendly blockchain experiences.

“We are thrilled to partner with the First Ape Wives Club and Dapper to bring a utility rich, curated project to Flow, complete with an extraordinary group of ambassadors brought together by the fearless FAWC Founder, Amanda Archer,” said Jevan Fox, Chief Revenue Officer of Agency Enterprise. “Launching on the AE Skunkworks platform, Token Runners, FAWC will have state of the art, bleeding edge technology at their furry, polished, fingertips.”

Dapper Labs’ current studio partners include the NBA, NBPA, WNBA, WNBPA, LaLiga, NFL, NFLPA, Warner Music Group, Ubisoft, Genies and UFC. Flow’s reliability, scalability, speed, and high-quality UX are essential factors for establishing the FAWC global NFT marketplace and ecosystem.

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