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Will Crypto Ads be in the Seper Bowl this year?

While crypto-related advertisements were widespread during the NFL’s championship game last year, Super Bowl LVII is shaping up to be an advertising desert for the digital asset market.

The year’s largest sports show included multiple advertising from some of crypto’s major exchanges, including the now-bankrupt FTX as well as organizations like Coinbase and Crypto.com, as the Los Angeles Rams faced the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl LVI.

Etoro, another trading platform, also promoted itself as a leading platform for trading equities and cryptocurrency, with one ad picturing a trader leaping upwards after signing up for the service. A Budweiser ad paid respect to the Nouns DAO NFT collection, including the project’s signature glasses overlaid on a classical painted image.

Select crypto businesses spent millions of dollars to put their products on show to the public, seeking to distinguish out in a crowded field. According to the NFL, over 112 million people tuned in to watch football’s big game last year.

Notably, advertising from FTX and Coinbase were accompanied with Bitcoin giveaways, while FTX’s promo included “Curb Your Enthusiasm” actor Larry David, who responded “Ehh…” when shown the exchange’s app.

Lists of Crypto Companies Airing at Super Bowl Ad

Despite the fact that FTX did not reduce its workforce before to the exchange’s demise, both Coinbase and Crypto.com reduced their workforces as the Terra ecosystem imploded last summer.

As layoffs began to pile across the sector, Changpeng Zhao, CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Binance, explicitly mentioned skipping on Super Bowl commercials while stating that the business will still be recruiting in June 2022.

Although cryptocurrency values have plummeted since Bitcoin hovered above $42,000 during the previous Super Bowl, a few of the companies are primed to represent the digital assets market as the Kansas City Chiefs prepare to meet the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday.

Limit Break, a Web3 firm, planned to air an advertising during the major game’s first commercial break, giving away thousands of its Dragon series NFTs to highlight the company’s free-to-own NFT model built for gaming.

The interactive advertising will include a QR code that will be used to introduce viewers to the DigiDaigaku realm, similar to how Coinbase’s ad from last year drove viewers to its website via a bouncing QR code evocative of the old DVD logo. Hopefully, this website does not go down.

Bitbuy, a company from Canada, will return to for the second year in a row, but the business is altering its tone. While last year’s focus was centered on missed chances, this year’s message for the audience is centered on trust.

To make its point, the corporation is doubling the duration of the advertisement, making it a full minute long. Bitbuy furthermore swaps Kyle Lowry from the NBA for Scottie Barnes, the league’s most recent Rookie of the Year.

Moreover, Turbotax will also make another mention of cryptocurrency in a subsequent campaign. Last year’s commercial included a cryptocurrency trader as one of its prospective clients, and it will do so again this year, this time with a Jason Sudeikis cameo.

According to the Associated Press, Mark Evans, Fox Sports’ senior vice president of ad sales, stated that there will be no representation for crypto firms at the upcoming Super Bowl. Fox Sports did not react quickly to Decrypt’s attempts for comment.

A Limit Break spokesperson stated that the company’s commercial may have been classed as a gaming advertisement, despite the company’s focus on blockchain technology. Limit Break’s CEO, Gabriel Leydon, was formerly the CEO of Machine Zone in 2016, when the company sponsored an advertisement for their Mobile Strike game starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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