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Web3: NFTs are 1 of a Kind Assets


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Web3 is a vision of the Internet built on blockchain-based, decentralized systems.”– Paul Ebeling

The rise of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) in popularity and demand is the clearest indication of Web3’s promise, they will be ubiquitous.

NFTs surpassed $22-B in the global market this yr besting the $100-M market in Y 2020.

Black Americans are leading the crypto revolution: 23% of blacks own cryptocurrency, compared to 11% of white Americans and 17% of Hispanics, according to recent surveys conducted by Harris Poll and published in USA Today.

Minority communities, who have been left out of growing industries like alcohol, marijuana and more, are now eager to be a part of this latest investment opp.

As the narrative on NFTs shifts, so too will the broader buy-in on its opportunity.

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