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Versus Metaverse Looks Beyond Ethereum Mainnet


NFT battle game Versus, which features an Animal-Crossing-inspired open-world multiplayer metaverse, is adding Concordium to its ecosystem allowing players to explore unique arenas in collaboration with major brands. 

At present, NFT minting and changing ownership transactions for the Versus metaverse are executed on Ethereum Mainnet, while a Layer-2 takes care of “mini-transactions” such as playing a game or training a pet. Compared to Ethereum’s current steep gas prices, Concordium offers cheap, fixed and predictable fees for players and is a safer bet for Versus.

Concordium’s state-of-the-art, science-based ID layer allows Versus to perform identity checks and provide accountability without sacrificing privacy, and it can even offer verified gamers fun and unique in-game experiences like battle tournaments and competitions. 

“As a project intending to grow a community and e-sport around the lore and characters we’re developing, easy identity verification plays a central role in maintaining the authenticity and accountability of our ecosystem. Choosing Concordium allows us to focus on what matters most, providing players with fun experiences.” – Says Versus founder, Aigbe Idahosa.

A playable beta version of Versus will be ready in Q4, 2022.

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