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US Dollar Continues to Slide, As the Economy is “Ready to Rip”



Fed Governor Christopher Waller said Friday that the US economy “is ready to rip” as vaccinations continue and activity picks up, but a rise in inflation is likely to be transitory, echoing comments from other Fed officials including Chairman Powell over the past wk.

The USD is pinned near 1-month lows to major peers in Asia Monday, with US Treasury yields near the lowest in 5 wks, after the Fed reiterated its dovish view that any spike in inflation was likely to be temporary.

The safe-haven greenback was also held down by improved risk sentiment amid a rally in global stocks to record highs.

Bitcoin saw colocalization Sunday, when it fell 14% to 51,541. It bounced and last traded around 57,020.

.DXY, which tracks the currency against 6 peers, was at 91.623, not far from the low of 91.484 marked last wk, a mark not seen since 18 March.

The Buck bought 108.655 JPY, near the lowest since 24 March.

EUR changed hands at $1.1958, near the highest since 4 March.

Benchmark 10-year Treasury yields could fall to as low as 1.47%, from around 1.57% currently.

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