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 Urkel, the premier institutional mining pool provider, today announced the public access of its flagship product, Urkel Pool, the first fair-pay mining platform that supports over 50 PoW blockchain protocols. Urkel Pool launched last year with two assets to a small collection of miners. Since then, Urkel Pool has added over 48 new assets, and established game-changing standards for how mining pools can operate in a compliant manner.

Urkel Pool is now publicly available to all miners, as well as to digital asset businesses – such as exchanges, custodians and lenders – to white-label and combine with complementary custody, lending and trading services.

Urkel received a strategic investment from Polychain Capital as part of its seed fundraising round. The investment was made to support the completion and launch of Urkel Pool.

“We are excited to support Urkel and the launch of their Fair-Pay Mining Pool Platform”, said Will Wolf, a partner at Polychain Capital. “As a US-based provider that’s specifically focused on building compliance and institutional grade pools, we believe Urkel Pool offers a best-in-class solution that will meet the needs of all the world’s most demanding miners.”

Urkel Pool is uniquely able to create new pools and manage existing pools at a fraction of the time, cost and personnel required by other solutions while offering fully verifiable rewards based on transparent calculation and distribution outputs. The ability to prove accuracy on mining rewards is central to Urkel’s mission to provide compliant mining solutions that enable all miners to know their rewards are accurate.

About Urkel

Urkel is a software company building compliant infrastructure that facilitates transparency and ease-of-use in the blockchain ecosystem. Urkel’s flagship product, Urkel Pool, is the first fair-pay mining pool as well as one of the first enterprise-grade US-based mining pools. Urkel is backed by Polychain Capital. For more information, please visit: https://urkel.com

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