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“Now, with fewer travel restrictions, many are seeking new experiences off the beaten track, even Space“– Paul Ebeling

Soon with companies providing these unique travel experiences. While countries ease restrictions on borders, travelling has returned to the pre-VirusCasedemic levels. After close to 2 yrs of being home bound, the desire to break away from this usual comfort has reached new heights and that means exploring new destinations.

Year 2022 may well be the year many would squeeze every bit of meaning out of their experiences.

Here are some unique travel recommendations for those seeking something out of the norm and being free again, as follows:

A Cruise Expedition to Antarctica: 1st on my the list is an expedition cruise to Antarctica for a truly remarkable adventure. A voyage to a flawless land of ice and snow, populated by an all-star cast of penguins, seals and whales, is a dream many want to realize. Many of these cruise expeditions offer off-site activities, which give guests access to paddleboards and kayaks for them to wander around the vicinity.

To fully enjoy the Antarctica voyage, it is recommended that a reputable operator is chosen. Aurora Expeditions, which offers a refreshing range of activities on the icy continent, including trekking, camping, scuba diving, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and climbing. These luxury voyages as mentioned, have stops along the way to the final destination, and prices vary depending on where the embarkment is. An unforgettable journey to the icy land is definitely for those who want to escape the summer heat and are keen on exploring the vastness of Antarctica.

Ride the Trans-Siberian Railway: Consider taking the Tans-Siberian Railway to experience journeying across the vast lands of Russia, Siberia and China. The rail line crosses mountains, vast grasslands and deserts, and runs alongside the shore of the world’s largest freshwater lake. Depending on where you want to end the trip, there are 3 routes to choose from.

The most famous Trans-Siberian line stretches for 9,289 kilometres between Vladivostok in far eastern Russia and Moscow in the west. The remaining two travel on both the Russian and Chinese railway networks. It crosses the regions of Siberia and the Ural Mountains, which takes you to the scenic Russian Far East or Mongolia, depending on the chosen destination. To travel on the Trans-Siberian train costs around $1,600 to occupy a 1st class carriage and $820 for a 2nd-class.

Another option is to travel the Trans-Siberian railway route on a more luxurious private train, which offers a 14-night trip with sightseeing and other activities for around $20,000/person. There are 10 stops that cover many places across Russia. In these stopovers, guests would be able to explore the city within the stipulated time frame before continuing to the next. With this budget, you will enjoy the Trans-Siberian railway journey in the most opulent style, thus making for an unforgettable travelling experience.

Submarine Expedition: Consider it the ultimate perk on a luxury expedition ship, this is an opportunity to witness the ocean’s wonders in the comfort of a custom submarine. The deeper you explore beneath the ocean’s surface, the more extraordinary the scenes, and the more secrets the sea reveals. From incredible sunken shipwrecks to amazing coral reefs and unique marine wildlife, the rich biodiversity is laid bare before your eyes.

Being brought to a depth of 300 metres, it offers passengers an awe-inspiring perspective of the marine world hidden from the world. A standard dive is 20 to 30 mins long and would cost upward of $500 it is a small fee for an out-of-home experience.

Space Flight: Apart from the activities above, here is a trip that’s truly out of this world. Some aerospace companies such as SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin and Boeing Starliner are already taking bookings for space flights. Current plans of SpaceX include orbital trips around the moon, and while the cost is estimated to be in the region of $500,000, seats are filling up fast.

Another aerospace company, Space Perspective, dubbed the world’s 1st luxury spaceflight experience company, announced that it has opened bookings for a journey into space departing in late Y 2024. The 6-hour experience will take place onboard a massive size space balloon called “Spaceship Neptune”, which is about the size of a football stadium with a bar and bathroom to boot. It will cost around $125,000 per passenger for this experience.

Passengers will ascend about 100,000 feet above the ground, and they will be able to take in a 360-degree view of Earth in the pressurized cabin. While the reality of space tourism was almost non-existent in the past, the industry has been moving fast to change that in recent years and provide the ultimate out-of-this-world experience.

Jump up and do the intrepid now!

Enjoy your travels, the chaos is over, Keep the Faith!

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