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Todd Montesi Releasing His 2nd NFT Drop Of PN-NFTs For NFT.NYC

'PN IS AWESOME' PN-NFT featured for the upcoming drop on Nov. 3rd. Artist: Quentias "Magic" Bragg-Guy

Innovative comedian, and content creator for MONTIKILLAVISION PRODUCTIONS LLC, Todd Montesi (HBO) is preparing for his speaking engagement for the upcoming NFT.NYC convention in an unconventional way: By releasing his next drop of PN-NFTS during his talk. Says Montesi, “NFTS are hot right now. There’s going to be over 600 speakers this year for the NFT.NYC convention and I don’t know what better way to stand out, showcase and explain the power of NFTS then dropping some of my PN-NFTS during my scheduled talk.”

‘PN-NFTS’ is based on Todd Montesi’s PN & FRIENDS project. Due to incorporating NFTs into his show’s story structure, the once humble comedic webseries has blossomed into a full-on comedic multiverse. “NFTS has changed the game when it comes to story-telling and interaction with our fans & even pop-culture: We’re basically Seinfeld meets the Marvel Universe, and I can’t wait to show all the cool stuff we’re about to do!” Purchasers of these PN-NFTS will get a limited-edition physical trading card pack, as well as those who attend Todd Montesi’s speaking engagement.

Todd Montesi will be speaking on the topic of “NFTS, CRYPTO & COMEDY GOING FORWARD” for NFT.NYC on Wednesday November 3rd, 2021 at around 10:30AM in the world famous Edison Ballroom in Times Sq., the same time he’ll be releasing his next PN-NFT drop. They will be on sale here on https://opensea.io/collection/pn-nfts.

For more info on Todd Montesi & his projects go to: https://withkoji.com/@MONTIKILLA

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