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The World of Banksy


‘The World of Banksy’ exhibition, organised by the Mall of the Emirates in partnership with Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) for the first time in the UAE under the supervision by Vardar Entertainment, continues to provide a rich experience for art lovers, connoisseurs, curious discoverers, and Banksy fans of all ages. 

This exhibition is dedicated to the world-famous street artist and reveals over 100 of his works across 1,500 square metres in the Art Centre at the Mall of the Emirates that is entirely refurbished and dedicated to this immersive and unique event. Banksy is the name of a mysterious artist whose graffiti art and poetic stencils cover walls in major cities and capitals of the world, and the retrospective of graphic murals enables visitors to rediscover famous works of art, including ‘The Girl with a Balloon,’ ‘The Flower Thrower, ‘The Mobile Lovers,’ among many other works.

With over 500,000 visitors in five major cities in Europe (Paris, Barcelona, Prague, Milano, Brussels), The World of Banksy is being held for three months from 5 April – 30 June with possible extensions. Since its launch, the exhibition continues to attract visitors through the week from 12 p.m. – 12 a.m., except during Ramadan, where the operating time is altered to accommodate the holy month. Dubai Culture confirms that the exhibition is enriched with many activities and shows that provide a unique experience for visitors of different groups and ages.

The exhibition falls in line with the Authority’s vision to strengthen Dubai’s position as a global centre for culture, an incubator for creativity, and a thriving hub for talent by activating cooperation at the local and international levels to present rich cultural experiences that draw inspiration from the emirate’s cultural assets and contribute to placing it on the global cultural map.

Representing a first for the global event, external participants, comprising four young graduates in fine and visual arts, will also be displaying their work as part of the exhibition. Tickets to attend will be sold at collaborating resellers that will be revealed at a later time, online, or at the venue. 

A photography exhibition will also be hosted within the exhibition. Philippe Bernaerts, a famous Belgian photographer, will be presenting a series of documentary pictures about street and city atmospheres. The series will be presented for the first time as a collection providing visitors with a journey from one city to another and allowing us to get impressions of city life across the world. Moreover, as a premiere, Philippe Bernaerts will be working on a photography project dedicated to Dubai that will be shown for the first time during the exhibition.

The World of Banksy embodies the Authority’s firm belief in the importance of events of this nature and their role in enriching the public’s thinking and culture, introducing residents and citizens alike to international art and inspiring them to be creative. This initiative aligns with a pillar of Dubai Culture’s strategic strategy to position the emirate as a coveted destination of choice by all arts and culture enthusiasts, a beacon of cultural diversity for international talent, and the epicentre for creativity and cultural dialogue. The partnership between Dubai Culture and the Mall of the Emirates also comes as part of the Authority’s efforts to achieve one of the sectoral priorities of its strategic roadmap, which is to place culture everywhere and for everyone.

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