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The Next Shiba Inu, EverGrow Coin Broke Past 125K Token Holders and Market Cap Of $750 Million


Shiba Inu provided massive returns to its investors last year, but the crypto was down over 3.4% over the past month. With the beginning of the New Year, Investors are looking for the next Shiba Inu that could explode in 2022. EverGrow Coin, a hyper-deflationary token, is cited by many analysts as the crypto that could beat Shiba Inu. EverGrow coin is arguably the most innovative and deflationary token ever launched. After distributing $31 million in $BUSD rewards to its token holders, and the recent announcements of new utilities, Evergrow Coin Token Price has increased by over 150% this week. According to BSCscan, EverGrow Coin has accrued more than 125,000 token holders in just three months of launch.

The Next Shiba Inu, EverGrow Coin Broke Past 125K Token Holders and Market Cap Of $750 Million (PRNewsfoto/EverGrow Coin)
The Next Shiba Inu, EverGrow Coin Broke Past 125K Token Holders and Market Cap Of $750 Million (PRNewsfoto/EverGrow Coin)

Due to its deflationary nature, the token will become more scarce over time. 52.32%% of EverGrow Coin’s total supply has already been burned. EverGrow coin contracts implement a 14% tax on all Buy/Sell transactions, including those occurring between two wallets. The contract distributes 8% from every transaction to its holders as rewards in $BUSD (Binance-pegged USD). EGC is currently listed on top cryptocurrency exchanges like PancakeSwap, Bitmart, and ZT.

2% of every transaction is automatically supplied to the EverGrow smart contracts for Auto Buybacks and burn. When the Autobuyback is enabled, the amount stored in the smart contracts will automatically be invested to burn Evergrow tokens from the Exchanges. The burned tokens are removed permanently from the circulatory supply. Along with this, 3% of each transaction in EGC is transferred to the PancakeSwap Liquidity Pools to increase price floor stability.

According to the website roadmap, EverGrow Coin will launch its NFT Marketplace in Q1, 2022. Through the Marketplace, NFT owners and traders can buy, mint, or sell their NFTs using images, videos & other data. The NFT ecosystem will be supported by the NFT lending marketplace, which will allow NFT owners to lend and borrow liquidity by keeping their NFTs as collateral. This will also create an unparalleled opportunity for the lenders to buy NFTs below their usual value presented in the Marketplace.

Apart from this, it will also introduce “Crator.com,” a content subscription platform for creators to provide quality content and updates to their fans. This subscription platform facilitates the integration of both Crypto and FIAT payment options. It means users can choose Fiat, Stable coins, and EGC tokens to purchase the creator’s subscription plan. The platform will also allow them to connect with their favourite creators, purchase premium content, tip them, and acquire daily updates.

EverGrow Coin comprises a unique combination of the most advanced smart contracts and mainstream utilities that is never seen before in any other crypto. EverGrow Coin ecosystem also includes its Oracle-based NFT game to provide additional play-to-earn opportunities to its users. Game participants can win rewards by acquiring unique characters by purchasing mysteryboxes and using the acquired NFTs to play games. Evergrow Coin is also supposed to launch EverGrow wallet, exchange, and even more distinctive platforms in the future.

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