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The Mirror Announces Web3 Metaverse Building Platform

The Mirror Megaverse™ Inc.

MIAMI, The Mirror Megaverse™ Inc. The Mirror™ is developing a metaverse platform that will serve as the interoperable Megaverse Engine™, a game engine designed for Web3 that deliver both an end-user product and a platform for game studios and brands to build experiences. The initial development is currently in internal alpha stages, a downloadable desktop client providing out-of-the-box multiplayer, Web3 integrations, chat, direct 3D model imports, and more.

The Mirror allow creators to build experiences, games, and programmable 3D creations and sell these in The Mirror marketplace. beyond just Play-to-Earn, The Mirror is pioneering Build-to-Earn, where the consumer become an creator and earn a living while learning real-world skills such as coding, 3D modeling, and even mathematics with their proprietary physics engine. Everything in The Mirror is interoperable **with Mirror Assets™: creators can import 3D models from external sources and build, script, and experience them in games, events, and even other metaverses.

What Shopify is to e-commerce, The Mirror is for metaverse, giving an tools they need to build a full-blown metaverse with integrated blockchains. The Mirror will launch a series of foundational templates for builders to quickly creates environments, terrain, and gameplay frameworks with a click of a button. The platform will service both the expert game developer and the low-code/no-code user.

The founder, Jared McCluskey, grew up building 3D models and, after having nothing to do with them besides showing them to his mom, asked, “What’s next?” He eventually built an online business in Second Life in 7th grade, selling 3D models and scripts in-world for USD. This past year, as the momentum of NFTs gained traction, the core Mirror team believed they could bring true utility to the booming NFT market and saw a need for a Web3 platform that existed to bring real economic value to its users. With the space being dominated by hype projects and schemes, The Mirror was born out of a desire to allow anyone the ability to improve their livelihood through building and learning.

In its first three months of operation (Q1 2022), The Mirror grew its team from 3 to 20 people, the vast majority being software engineers. The company is VC-backed by Florida Funders and other unannounced VCs and accepts applications for its closed beta at https://themirror.space.

Media Contact:
Alec Tremaine
[email protected] 

SOURCE The Mirror Megaverse™ Inc.

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