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The List of Big ‘Short Squeeze’ Opportunities

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The biggest short squeeze in the Russell 3000 is Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc. SPCE, which more than 2Xd wks and was 27.82% sold short on 11 June. The company’s shares have soared since the successful test of its manned shuttle on 23 May, which a Wall Street analyst called a “major milestone.” The company expects to begin testing for commercial passenger flights next yr.

Workhorse Group Inc. WKHS, is the most heavily shorted stock on the list, with 40.32% short interest, and its shares have nearly 2X’d in 4 wks. The EV maker produced 38 of its C-Series trucks during Q-1 and delivered 6 to customers.

AMC Networks Inc. AMCX ranks 4th on the list, with a 32% gainer in 4 wks and 25.58% short interest. As readers have pointed out.

This is a different company from the “AMC” we that has been 1 of the most heavily covered meme stocks: AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. AMC, +15.38%, which along with GameStop and Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. BBBY,  was among 8 meme stocks we profiled last wk.


Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc.SPCE27.82%117%$8,449$2,351

Workhorse Group Inc.WKHS40.32%92%$1,914$772

Lemonade Inc.LMND29.41%53%$6,520$1,918

AMC Networks Inc. Class AAMCX25.58%32%$1,997$511Bed Bath & Beyond Inc.


CarParts.com Inc.PRTS25.11%22%$895$225

GEO Group Inc.GEO35.80%19%$900$322

Esperion Therapeutics Inc.ESPR32.40%15%$743$241

PetMed Express Inc.PETS32.70%15%$665$217

Lannett Co. Inc.LCI28.14%15%$217$61

B&G Foods Inc.BGS25.33%10%$2,136$541

Tootsie Roll Industries Inc.TR25.53%8%$1,388$354

Albertsons Companies Inc. Class AACI28.60%6%$9,517$2,722

Fulgent Genetics Inc.FLGT30.27%5%$2,145$649

Invacare Corp.IVC26.59%1%$289$77CEL-SCI Corp.CVM25.71%-1%$945$243

Clovis Oncology Inc.CLVS30.24%-2%$604$183

Gogo Inc.GOGO31.37%-3%$1,270$398

Petco Health and Wellness Co. Inc. Class AWOOF25.75%-3%$5,390$1,388

Ontrak Inc.OTRK33.32%-4%$547$182

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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