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The Digital and Physical Worlds of Art & Collectibles Collide with Colligo Token

The development and innovation occurring within the NFT space is setting unprecedented standards when it comes to cutting-edge technology, one company looking to redefine how the world views and interacts with art and collectible ownership in the digital age goes by the name of Colligo. The name of this token means ‘to bind’ in Latin, Colligo was created for the sole purpose of building a community & eco-system for online art & collectibles lovers to be part of and benefit from actively engaging with.

The Colligo community will consist of not only those who collect and enjoy the art but also the ones who create it. The purpose of the project is not to raise funds, but to ensure that the ecosystem is providing a beneficial service to the community. Secondary to that comes the growth and development of the brand and supporting art & collectibles creators worldwide.

First Collaboration

Colligo are extremely excited to confirm that they have managed to secure a long-term partnership with Coinllectibles™, the world’s very first ‘Fusion NFT’ provider. Coinllectibles™ are confident that they share a common vision of the growth and support of art & collectibles markets worldwide with Colligo and believe that is reflected in the tokenomics.

The first unique Fusion NFT (FNFT) series for Colligo was launched by Coinllectibles™ on November the 25th, there is an exchange rate for this series pegged at 1 Colligo token = 0.1 USDT.

It’s important to note that Coinllectibles™ is not the issuer of the Colligo tokens but operates as a utility provider to the project.

Token Utility

Colligo Tokens will:

  • Allow holders to take part in the exclusive Coinllectibles™ FNFT series.
  • Be used to acquire FNFTs offered by Coinllectibles™.
  • Enter holders into periodic ‘Mystery Drop Box’ prize draws.
  • Provide holders with special access to groups & events.
  • Give holders the ability to vote on community-driven project developments such as which collectibles will be minted as FNFTs, which chain the FNFTs will be minted on and more!

Coinllectibles™ are the first utility provider Colligo will be working with however the number of providers who accept Colligo tokens is expected to increase as the project goes on.

There will be more details released shortly, to keep up with any announcements join the telegram channel here: https://t.me/Coinllectibles

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