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The Bitcoin Community is the Key to its Success

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Mark Stephany, Founder of theprogressivebitcoiner, sees a Bullish run for Bitcoin. He advocated a community-driven approach for Bitcoin’s rapid growth with a large diversity of enthusiasts across the world. This is further echoed in the Gemini 2022 Global State of Crypto report. The report says 41% of crypto owners surveyed globally purchased crypto for the 1st time in Y 2021.

He declared: “Bitcoin has created a community. People are only going in, you don’t see anyone exiting. There’s always more products, more companies, more podcasts, there’s always more things to be written. To me, that’s the most bullish signal.”

A really good part of this is that all the data public including how much whatever we need to know about it, as this transparency can stimulate research publications which in turn will increase awareness among masses.

Have a happy holiday weekend, Keep the Faith!

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