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The Arnolt Aston Martin DB2/4 Competition Spider saved Bertone


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Stanley Harold Arnolt was a Chicago businessman who imported European cars to the USA. Having met Gruppo Bertone at the Y 1952 Turin Auto Show Arnolt’s ambitions grew, and so he met with Aston Martin in early Y 1953 to discuss buying 7 running chassis of the upcoming DB2/4 to send to Bertone for bodywork.

Aston Martin agreed, and before the end of the yr Mr. Arnolt had 4 cars, LML 505, a road car, and the racing-spec LML 502, 503 and 507, the three of which with bodies penned by Bertone’s star designer Franco Scaglione. Once Aston Martin’s execs saw the racers, casually known as Aston Martin Arnolt Competition Spiders, the rug was pulled from under Mr. Arnolt.

Today LML 505, the road car, resides in America, as does racing chassis LML 502. LML 503 is thought to no longer exist and LML 507? Well that’s the car you see here, now the prized possession of amateur racer Heinz Stamm.

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